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Emmanuel Daniel, chairman of the Asian Banker, outlines the challenges and impediments that confront and hold the industry back in this period of digital disruption and transformation, in his opening speech on the second day of the…
Rons Suber, founder and President of Prosper Marketplace, discusses the evolution of the online marketplace, how it is converging with the banking industry and explains why players are moving away from the original peer-to-peer ideals,…
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Emmanuel Daniel, chairman of the Asian Banker, discusses key issues impacting institutions' digitalisation journey and what it takes to be successful in their digital transformation at the Annual Heads of Retail Finance Dialogue 2018…
Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web, traced the evolution of the Web that he created. How its existence as a free and open platform has been commandeered by big tech companies and businesses whose interest are misaligned…
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