Tuesday,16 July 2024

Temenos' Fennell: “Cloud infrastructure drives strong appetite for buy now, pay later”

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Interviewed By TABLive

Mick Fennell, business line director for payments at Temenos discussed how they grow and address issues in the payments business and how the pandemic accelerate the movement towards contactless processing. With the digitisation of the payment process, Temenos sees the rise of instant payments straight to people's accounts. Fennell sees positive growth in their client’s buy now, pay later (BNPL) products so they are putting a huge amount of investment into it. Fennell said: “BNPL is a particular product that they want to launch and do. We're seeing a great appetite within the market in our client base for these consumable services driven by cloud infrastructures".

Keywords: Payment, Digitisation, Contactless, STP, Consumable, Cloud
Institutions: Temenos
People : Mick Fennell
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