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Techcombank’s Jens Lottner: “Our two new buildings merge traditions with a digital future”

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Interviewed By Chris Kapfer

CEO Jens Lottner shared Techcombank’s innovative approach and vision following the opening of its headquarters in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam

Techcombank’s two new headquarters serve a dual purpose, emphasising collaboration and innovation. The bank is creating an environment where employees come together to enhance productivity and facilitate the free exchange of ideas.

Lottner said: “The decision to have two headquarters is driven by the need to have a strong presence in both key areas of business activity in the country.”

Techcombank is at the forefront of digital transformation in the banking industry. The bank’s vision is to merge traditional values with cutting-edge technologies, creating a transformative digital banking experience for its customers. The bank is committed to sustainability; the features of the new buildings designed by Foster + Partners prioritise energy efficiency and conservation.

Lottner mused: “These buildings now allow us to bring all these different pieces together—technology, marketers, and product developers—and put them together in one room, saying now you have all these wonderful new toys—to create new experiences.”

Techcombank is actively migrating its core applications to the cloud and modernising its infrastructure. Its vision for the future of banking in Vietnam emphasises technology, data-driven personalisation, and hyper-personalised customer experiences.

Lottner has seen some headwinds in the real estate and the bond markets, but buoyed by strong fundamentals, the bank continues to lead in capital efficiency, capital adequacy ratio, nonperforming loan ratio and return on assets.

According to Lottner, Techcombank’s strategic approach is grounded in expanding its presence, embracing digital transformation, promoting sustainability, and achieving strong operational performance within the Vietnamese banking sector.

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