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Nium’s Gandhi: “We are trying to change how payments work”

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Interviewed By Wynndee Alejo

Nium co-founder and COO Pratik Gandhi discussed the company’s global real-time payments expansion. Since acquiring its Australian licence seven years ago, Nium has expanded to 11 licences and operates as a worldwide infrastructure for real-time payments in over 190 countries.

Gandhi underlined the importance of corporate fraud prevention, especially in the card market. Nium’s infrastructure provides fast warnings and pin verification upon fund receipt, ensuring money security throughout the transaction.

He highlighted the company’s issues as a disruptor in a bank-dominated industry. It challenges banking rules and encourages firms to embrace its inventive real-time payments strategy to change the industry. The company plans to expand throughout Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East. Despite possessing permits in several countries, Gandhi wanted to have a direct presence rather than rely on partners. After restructuring, Nium hired managers to boost expansion in the US, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Africa. 

The travel business is another focus. In addition to organic growth, the company’s growth strategy includes acquisitions. Gandhi also discussed talent acquisition. After Nium became a unicorn in 2021, job applications increased. The company plans to hire more individuals worldwide and in Singapore who have scaling-up skills to boost its competitive edge. 

Gandhi stressed compliance and legal teams. About 30% of Nium’s workforce is in compliance, he said. While examining direct interfaces with payment systems and potential acquisitions, it plans to increase its real-time payments to 80%. The company plans an IPO in the second half of 2025.

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