Wednesday, 22 September 2021

Digital Banking Transformation: Key Trends and Insights from Excellence in Retail Financial Services and Bank Technology Innovation Programmes

Banks have woken up and moved the digitisation agenda into boardroom discussions!

Findings from the Excellence in Retail Financial Services and Bank Technology Innovation programmes in 2016 showed that there has been a rapid increase in digital transformation initiatives. While banks recognise the impact of digital transformation, often businesses just deploy conspicuous technology features through increased automation or straight-through processing. 

On the other hand, there are banks who cannot easily identify the starting point in digital transformation and the appropriate stakeholders or change agents to drive this change. Still, the struggle between investing in emerging and discarding legacy technologies is forcing banks to rethink their strategies. How can banks cope with the fast-paced digital transformation? And, how is it changing the retail banking landscape today?

 The briefing will cover:

Institutions: The Asian Banker
Country: Singapore
Region: Southeast Asia
Guest: Foo Boon Ping
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