Friday,21 June 2024

Bottomline's Eli Shoshani: “We must grasp how regulators and providers shape financial industry dynamics”

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Interviewed By Foo Boon Ping

Eli Shoshani, head for Asia Pacific at Bottomline Technologies, emphasised the rapid advancements and innovations in artificial intelligence and other technologies reshaping the payment industry, particularly in Asia.

He highlighted the challenges posed by the web of complex currencies, regulations, and the need for instant money transfers. He noted modernisation in the sector and the emergence of new players offering innovative solutions that alleviate some of the difficulties faced by small businesses in dealings with traditional financial institutions.

He stressed the importance of software-as-a-service over in-house development for banks and small and medium-sized enterprises. Bottomline Technologies, he explained, provides services that enable these institutions to adapt more efficiently, focusing on collaboration rather than competition.

He pointed out the advantage of using external expertise to build necessary infrastructure, allowing clients to manage payments more effectively. This approach, according to Shoshani, not only enhances competitive edge but also facilitates the provision of additional services previously unavailable to clients.

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, Innovations, Payment Industry, Currencies, Regulations, Instant Money Transfers, Modernisation, Solutions, Small Businesses, Financial Institutions, Software-as-a-service, Infrastructure
Institutions: Bottomline Technologies
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People : Eli Shoshani
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