Thursday,30 May 2024

Austrade’s Betty Sun-Lucas and SFA’s Shadab Taiyabi: “The Australia-Singapore connection offers numerous partnership and cross-selling opportunities”

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Betty Sun-Lucas of Austrade and Shadab Taiyabi of the Singapore FinTech Association delved into Project Lorikeet, explaining how this collaborative initiative intends to boost fintech trade and investment between the two countries. They discussed the critical role both sides play in influencing the future of fintech across borders, from encouraging Australian companies to expand into Southeast Asia to facilitating Singaporean enterprises' expansion into Australia. 

Betty Sun-Lucas, specialist fintech director at Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade), and Shadab Taiyabi, president of the Singapore FinTech Association (SFA) discussed Project Lorikeet, a joint initiative aimed at boosting fintech trade and investment flows between the two countries. 

Sun-Lucas emphasised her role in facilitating the growth of approximately 120 Australian companies in Singapore and Southeast Asia. She mentioned her close work with SFA and Taiyabi’s team, focusing on supporting Singapore-based companies such as Choco Up, Rhino Partners, Moneythor and USER expanding into Australia. 

Taiyabi, on the other hand, highlighted the association as a comprehensive representation of Singapore’s fintech ecosystem, encompassing over 800 companies across various fintech sectors like payments, insurance, and technology. Taiyabi described the vibrant community that includes not only fintech companies but also service providers and financial institutions. One of their primary objectives, according to Taiyabi, is to support Singaporean companies in their growth and international expansion, with Australia being a key partner in this endeavour.

Keywords: Fintech Trade, Project Lorikeet, Austrade, Sfa Association, Australian Companies, Singapore Expansion, Fintech Growth, Cross Border Trade, Fintech Ecosystem, Payments Sector, Insurance Sector, Technology Sector, International Expansion, Financial Institutions
Institutions: Australian Trade And Investment Commission (Austrade), Singapore FinTech Association (SFA)
Country: Australia, Singapore
Region: Southeast Asia
People : Betty Sun-Lucas, Shadab Taiyabi
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