Tuesday, 29 September 2020


Emmanuel Daniel, chairman of the Asian Banker, in his keynote address at the Association of Corporate Treasurers Singapore Treasury Forum 2018 on 20 September, compared the critical junctures in the evolution of civilisation that transformed…
Emmanuel Daniel, chairman of the Asian Banker, discusses key issues impacting institutions' digitalisation journey and what it takes to be successful in their digital transformation at the Annual Heads of Retail Finance Dialogue 2018…
Emmanuel Daniel, chairman, The Asian Banker, outlines the profiles of several digital entrepreneurs to remind bankers the skill, talent and passion they are up against in transforming our world today. He gave this speech at the International…
Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web, traced the evolution of the Web that he created. How its existence as a free and open platform has been commandeered by big tech companies and businesses whose interest are misaligned…
Emmanuel Daniel, chairman of The Asian Banker and a panel of forward looking practitioners, comprising former US Congressman and co-author of the Financial Reform Act, Barney Frank; Tang Ning, founder and CEO of China's leading peer-to-peer…
Emmanuel Daniel, chairman of The Asian Banker, in his welcome speech at The Future of Finance Summit 2017, challenges the role of traditional financial institutions in defining the future of finance, how in tracking this evolution…
Emmanuel Daniel, chairman of The Asian Banker, in a straightforward speech to the attendees of the Huawei Global FSI Summit 2017, outlined the reasons why Kodak failed and what banks should do to avoid their own Kodak moment.
Genki Oka, head of Japan at Ant Financial Services Group, shares his desire to be an ambassador of the Chinese e-commerce giant in Japan and why he feels that it can succeed in the famously tough Japanese consumer market
Emmanuel Daniel, chairman of The Asian Banker, challenges banks to give up their traditional notion of core banking during the Huawei Connect Summit 2016 in Shanghai, China.