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StanChart’s Bill Winters: “My legacy is to have built-in resilience, a financially strong bank, and an innovative team”

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Interviewed By Emmanuel Daniel

The bank’s CEO shared insights into its investment in talent, innovation, and sustainability, emphasising his commitment to organisational resilience and forward-thinking teams

In this interview, Standard Chartered Bank CEO Bill Winters emphasised the importance of innovation, resilience, and sustainability to the bank's financial sector performance and competitiveness.

The financial industry is constantly changing due to fintech, open banking, and e-commerce, he noted. The bank actively pursued innovative digital enterprises like Mox Bank’s 2020 Hong Kong debut to stay competitive. This action showed the bank’s commitment to innovation, digitalisation, and strategic goals. As the world’s oldest note-issuing bank, StanChart has expanded its banking offerings to meet changing consumer needs and market conditions.

Balanced external talent acquisition and internal talent development was Winters’ challenge. He remarked: “It‘s always a big challenge because the grass always feels greener on the other side.” He acknowledged that external hires are enticing but wants to lessen the bank’s reliance on them, and focus on developing the company’s existing talent. He wants to establish a strong, cohesive, innovative, and adaptable team.

He stressed the need for organisational resilience, which would allow the bank to recover from missteps with minimal financial consequences. This fits the bank’s evolving and long-term strategy in a changing environment, to establish a legacy as a powerful financial institution that sustains the industry.

Winters highlighted the bank’s extensive activities in Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Korea, India, and the UAE. He set ambitious goals including covering capital costs in two years. He also wants the bank to lead sustainable finance and help create a carbon-neutral economy. The bank has established 18-month efficiency and client development goals, focusing on retail and strategic partnerships. With its commitment to responsible banking, the bank aims to create 10% of income and profits via sustainable financing solutions.

Keywords: Legacy, Resilience, Financial Strength, Innovation, Talent Acquisition, Sustainable Finance, Carbon-neutral Economy, Sustainability, Organisational Resilience, Digital Ventures, Fintech, Open Banking, E-Commerce
Institutions: Standard Chartered Bank, Mox Bank Limited
Country: Hong Kong, China, India, Korea, UAE
People : Bill Winters, Emmanuel Daniel
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