Thursday,13 June 2024

A full presentation of 'The Great Transition: The Personalization of Finance is Here'

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By Emmanuel Daniel

Emmanuel Daniel, founder of The Asian Banker, gave a briefing on his recently-launched book, The Great Transition: The Personalization of Finance Is Here. This was followed by a dialogue with guest panelists Barney Frank, co-author of the Dodd-Frank Act, and SC Venture’s Alex Manson.

Daniel started by explaining why he chose ice for the book cover. He said: “We used to seek out ice from the lakes of Michigan or Boston before it reached our glasses, but now we can generate it from our refrigerator. Just like ice, money will undergo exchange rates, bank charges, inflation, and other factors before it reaches you. We’re now moving in the direction where we can have control of our own money.” 

Daniel said that his book could be best understood in three parts. The first tackles the transition from platforms to personalisation, and gave a detailed explanation of what this will look like. 

The second explores the ‘financialisation’ of everything, the rise of the rebels and the agents of change, and peers into the anatomy of innovation. 

The final part of his book describes how the institution crumbles and explores ways to reimagine the product, and points to the great transitions on the near horizon for the industry.

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