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Revisiting customer experience – It’s not just branch, mobile and internet

Rapid advances in technology are increasingly changing the way people interact today. The same can be said for financial services providers and their customers. With customer satisfaction taking centre stage, are banks, especially those in emerging markets, keeping up with shifting customer expectations and optimising customer interaction channels? Are banks responding to the latest customer demands and anticipating their future needs?

From the recently concluded Excellence in Retail Financial Services programme, we see that digital channels continue to be the primary focus for banks. Banks are going all out to make the digital experience more intuitive and enriching. The key to success lies in an omni-channel approach thus aligning the customer experience across touchpoints.

No one has as much information about its customer as a bank does. We see more banks are working towards consolidating this information and making the most of it. Understanding the customer needs and exceeding their expectation can make a lot of difference to customer loyalty. By consolidating and optimizing customer data, banks can achieve the much needed edge in the all-important area of customer retention.

In the world of immediate connectivity, every experience shared on social media can be a maker or breaker for a service or brand. Engaging with customers on this popular channel has become imperative. Banks have to be in-tune with their digital profile. Besides being the ideal communication channel, this allows the banks to understand customer even better.   

This teleconsultation session will discuss:

The panel for this session includes:

People : Yvonne Cheong, Matt Surridge, Foo Boon Ping
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