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Asia Pacific Banking Industry Outlook 2015

This teleconsultation discusses: Macroeconomic issues of the Asia Pacific region and implications for the banking industry in 2015, key themes that provide opportunities for growth in the Asia Pacific region as well as sources of risks and challenges in 2015.

Asian Banker Research recently published the Asia Pacific Banking Industry Outlook 2015 research report. This report offers a comprehensive coverage of macroeconomic issues that the region will face and analyses the implications for the banking industry in each country.

We would like to invite you to attend a teleconsultation briefing session to present the economic and banking industry outlook for the Asia Pacific region in 2015.

The findings of this research would be invaluable for decision makers in product and business development, marketing and sales, and those in organisations who intend to build their businesses in the Asia Pacific region.

Key highlights of this session will be:

People : Foo Boon Ping
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