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Rwanda builds international financial centre

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Interviewed By Emmanuel Daniel

Ntoudi Mouyelo-Katoula and team spoke with Emmanuel Daniel about returning to Rwanda to build the Kigali International Financial Centre, and connecting Pan African businesses and fintechs to the global financial system.

Emmanuel Daniel (ED): Believe it or not, there is now a Kigali international financial centre. Right here in Rwanda and growing and being built by this team of incredible young people who have been brought back from many different countries to serve their country and build the future of Rwanda. My friend Ntoudi Mouyelo-Katoula is the leader of that team. Ntoudi, tell me a little bit more about the Kigali International Financial Centre.

Ntoudi Mouyelo- Katoula (NMK): So, Kigali International Financial Centre aims to become the home of businesses and finance in Africa. We want to provide to friends, we want to provide to Pan African businesses, a platform for them to be able to transact, for them to be able to be connected to the right financial institutions. This of course, also needs to have the support of technology. So, we are also building what we called Africa’s own fintechs in Rwanda, in order to receive more African startup companies here. And we do all of this with the support of partners, including partners in the Middle East, in Asia, in Europe, and of course, from the continent.

ED: As a member of the World Alliance of International Financial Centres. That's amazing.

John-Marie Kananura (JMK): Yes. For us. Since, two years now. And we also have talents here.

 ED: And talent pool. And let me tell you, I've met an incredible number of Rwandans who have come back from other countries where they may have grown up. And if you notice the accent of my friends here, it's English and it's French and is everything. Absolutely. Gwladys, what made you come back from France?

 Gwladys Watrin (GW): So we are open. We are ready to welcome you, to inform you, to support you, throughout your journey. And we are waiting for you. The business development team and more generally Kigali International Financial Centre, are waiting for you to come here to Rwanda, to Kigali. Thank you so much.

 ED: Amazing, isn't it? From what I've seen from the way in which financial centres were built in Asia, in Hong Kong, in Singapore, in Dubai, in the Middle East. It's exciting to be right here in Rwanda to see a real international financial centre in its birth phase, and to watch it grow into its maturity in every area of finance, in capital markets, in transaction banking, in fund management, in payments, and in wealth management. So, watch this space. Thank you. 

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