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Jonathan Lee wins Promising Young Banker in the Philippines Award

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Jonathan Lee, head of products and segments at CIMB Bank Philippines, was named Promising Young Banker in the Philippines at the Leadership Achievement Awards Virtual Ceremony 2020 presented by The Asian Banker.

Jonathan Lee, head of products and segments at CIMB Bank Philippines, was named Promising Young Banker in the Philippinesat the Leadership Achievement Awards Virtual Ceremony 2020 presented by The Asian Banker.

Lee was part of team that set up CIMB Bank’s Philippine franchise

As one of the pioneers in the bank’s operations in the Philippines, Lee has a knack for finding innovation and tapping into areas of opportunities. He worked with the internal compliance team in getting the necessary approvals and led them in ensuring that the necessary products, processes and systems were in place in time for a successful franchise launch. Additionally, he spearheaded the launch of the all-digital, mobile first banking proposition of the bank and has achieved multiple targets such as revenue, client acquisition and retention and operating efficiency.

He led the products team to make banking more convenient through digital initiatives

Lee has an out-of-the-box approach in conceptualising and building disruptive solutions to overcome the existing constraints. Under his leadership, the team conceptualised a digital on-boarding product that enables a customer to open a savings account completely within a third party’s environment.

His innovation and eye for capturing opportunities led to a huge growth in the customer base of over 1.7 million in just a year after the launch. Customers can open bank accounts or apply for personal loans digitally within 10 minutes as well as make deposits or make payments for free at over 8,000 partner locations.

He worked closely with other departments and constantly challenged the status quo for improvement

Apart from his primary responsibility on products and segment management of the bank, he actively involves himself in other areas that can improve customer experience. With a forward-looking mindset, he seeks to challenge the status quo and conventional notions to differentiate the bank from its competitors. By challenging status quo, he inspires his colleagues to constantly strive for improvement in products and services they offer to clients.

Lee in his acceptance speech said, “Being part of the pioneer team at CIMB Bank Philippines has truly been a fulfilling and challenging experience for me. We have made great strides and provided wider accessibility to financial options here in the Philippines. But I know that our work is just getting started”.

For video of the Leadership Dialogue and Leadership Achievement Awards Virtual Ceremonyplease click here.

About Promising Young Banker Awards

The Asian Banker Promising Young Banker Award programme is held every three years. Its aim is to recognise the achievements of outstanding bankers under the age of 40 with bottom-line responsibilities. The programme tracks the career development of next-generation leaders in the increasingly complex financial services industry in the Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa regions. We look for information on demonstrated tangible results, proven attributes of leadership and a clear career trajectory. Candidates for this award can only be recommended by senior management and boards of banks, regulatory or related agencies.


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