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OCBC’s Tsien: “I am focused on the task in front of me”

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Interviewed By Emmanuel Daniel

Samuel Tsien, Group CEO of OCBC, reveals a personal trait, which helps him destress.

Here is the edited transcript:

I feel that I'm able to handle the so-called ‘stress’ quite well. So I also try to understand myself. Why is it that some people, by looking at your life pattern, the work that you do, the hours that you spend, did not result in what people would typically call a stressed out person? I think I've got one personal trait, which I like very much, but it just within me. When I do something, I'm totally involved in that thing. 

Other thoughts do not come into play such as what I'm going to do, if there was a client meeting that's happening or if there's an internal meeting that's happening, actually, no, I'm totally devoted to that. So once this session is over, I will be totally devoted to the next work task that I need to work on or the internal brainstorming session that I need to work on. That mentally helps me quite a bit. Because the way to destress is that people want to go from one activity to another. So people work and people play golf, or people drink or people go to the beach in order to enjoy themselves. If you look at it, it's actually a change in activity. I am able to change an activity, perhaps within the confines of what people say. It is still work related. But if you look at it in segments, this work that I currently do, these are the work that I will do over the next one and a half hours, will be totally different. And therefore my mind got released from the first task and moved on to the second task. I think that helps me quite a bit.

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