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OCBC’s Tsien: “Finance as a career choice”

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Interviewed By Emmanuel Daniel

Samuel Tsien, OCBC’s Group CEO, explains why banking is an excellent career option.

The following is the edited transcript:

My view about the financial services industry is that it is the industry that allows you to understand a lot of things that are happening in the market, in the operating environment that you're in. You know, in Chinese, we have something we call the banking industry is the dragon head industry. Because all other industries have some relationship with banking. And if you work in the banking industry, your knowledge about what's happening in the world that you live in, I believe, is much more than if you work in other industries. From that respect, I would still recommend and encourage people to be involved in banking, because this can give you a broad view about what's happening. And you can put these things into context.

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