Thursday,13 June 2024

AmBank deploys RPA for substantial operational and frontline advantage

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Iswaraan Suppiah, AmBank’s group chief operating officer and Aaron Loo, managing director of retail banking, share how the bank’s centre of excellence supports uninterrupted operation and optimisation of RPA

AmBank’s vision revolves around leveraging digital and innovative solutions such as robotic process automation (RPA) to enhance customer-centricity, accessibility to stakeholders and competitiveness of its frontline sales force. The bank has embarked on a series of RPA projects to support these objectives.

RPA eliminates repetitive tasks and automates processes, freeing human resources to focus on higher-value work. One of the many benefits of RPA is the increase in back-end efficiency and productivity. RPA is also deployed in process management, compliance and reporting, data enquiry, sales and service request management.  

AmBank, one of Malaysia’s leading financial institutions, has been actively contributing to the country’s economic development and growth for over 43 years. With three million customers and a workforce of more than 10,000 employees, the bank operates through an extensive network of 170 branches. 

Institutions: AmBank
Country: Malaysia
Region: Southeast Asia
People : Iswaraan Suppiah, Aaron Loo
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