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“We aim to reduce friction in the buying experience”

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Interviewed By The Asian Banker Live

Betty DeVita, chief commercial officer of MasterCard Labs, shares the company’s key initiatives and priorities for 2017.

Emmanuel Daniel (ED): I am speaking with Betty Dimito, chief commercial officer of MasterCard Labs. Mastercard’s Innovation Lab, right?

Betty Dimito (BD): Yes 

ED: What are your priorities?

BD: We are looking at scaling some of the assets that we have developed over the last few years and have incubated them with mobile payment and ordering, connected devices; being able to work with merchants, schools, and financial institutions to drive more, to reduce friction in the buying experience and to be part of extending the payment before, during, and after the transaction. We are in ten markets right now and I look forward to driving us to a significant level in 2017. And I hope to see you in Singapore in early November.

ED: What are the two or three initiatives that we can expect to see?

BD: I would say a quicker Qkr! for schools and restaurants. We are doing mobile payment and ordering for vending. And we continue to do innovation on our internet of things (IOT) connected fridge so that you can order groceries directly from your kitchen.

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