Tuesday,16 July 2024

Brexit – impact and implications for the global banking and financial industry

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The impossible has happened. Britain has decided to part ways with Europe. After the initial shocks, what does it mean for the global banking and financial industry?

London is one of the leading global financial hubs and is the largest foreign currency trading centre in the world, while the pound ranks as one of the leading currencies for financial investments and transaction. Some of the largest banks currently headquartered in London have indicated that they may leave London if it left the EU. Now that the Brits have voted to leave, what will happen next? How will it impact the global banking and financial industry and more importantly London’s future as a financial centre? And how does it impact the industry in Asia? To be honest, no one knows for sure, uncertainty seems certain to fill the air in the immediate aftermath.

Even as the dust settles, discussions have already started to try to bring answers to these questions, and the industry tries to bring some clarity to the way or ways forward. As part of the process, The Asian Banker is organising a TAB Live panel discussion with a number of senior analysts, thought leaders and decision makers to deliberate the impact, implication and ways forward following the Leave vote.

  • How this will impact London’s relationship with the rest of the world and Asia?
  • What will London-based global banks do?
  • What does it mean for the global and Asian banking and financial industry?
  • What are the key options for the industry to mitigate Brexit-related risk?

Institutions: Asia Frontier Capital Limited, The Asian Banker
People : Ahmed Tabaqchali, Philippe Paillart
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