Wednesday, 22 September 2021

Building a Regional Transaction Banking Platform – Cases and Approaches

This teleconsultation discusses the current dynamics of the transaction banking landscape in Asia and challenges banks face in implementing an integrated regional transcation banking platform. It also explores the future of transaction banking and key client demands.

As corporates regionalise and expand their businesses across borders, it becomes increasingly important for transaction banks to possess a robust regional transaction banking system that not only integrates business segments such as cash management, trade finance and treasury but also provide multi-currency and multi-language capabilities. 

Today’s low margin transaction banking environment requires domestic and international transaction banks keen on competing to take on a more holistic and integrated approach to transaction banking. How can your bank achieve leadership increased wallet share in this lucrative but increasingly competitive field?

This teleconsultation will discuss:

The Asian Banker will present key findings from the recently completed The Asia Pacific FI Cash and Trade Trends and Satisfaction Report 2013. Based on the evaluation of 40 banks in 12 key countries across Asia, the analysis of major trends and developments in cash and trade gives invaluable insight to international transaction banks keen on optimising engagement with their domestic counterparts.

Findings include satisfaction survey results which provide in-depth assessment of international FIs by domestic banks.

The panel includes:

This teleconference session is a must for Heads/Managers of:

Guest: Foo Boon Ping
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