AB500 Strongest Banks By Balance Sheet Briefing And Recognition Ceremony 2017

The Asian Banker 500 is the world’s first and most authoritative annual ranking of the Strongest Banks based on Balance Sheets strength. Although the concept has been emulated by other organisations, AB500 remains the most comprehensive and robust evaluation of its kind. It has been widely followed by investors, analysts, research houses and the media as the leading source to assess the financial strength of commercial banks in the region.

The Asian Banker annual ranking of the largest banks and strongest banks by balance sheet started in 2002 as The Asian Banker 300 (AB300). In 2007, we expanded the ranking to include the strength of the balance sheets into our analysis and the list included the region's top 500 banks (AB500). Subsequently, we introduced a ranking for banks in the Middle East and Africa. The evaluation is conducted between March and August each year when banks’ annual financial results become available.

The AB500 tracks the relative financial strengths of banks in response to their respective market conditions, based on a common scorecard. The ranking is based on a very detailed and transparent scorecard of six areas of financial performance: the ability to scale, balance sheet growth, risk profile, profitability, asset quality and liquidity.

Now, into its fifteenth edition, the Asian Banker 500 continues to be the financial services industry’s most comprehensive annual evaluation of the strength, quality and sustainability of the balance sheets of banks in Asia Pacific.

This year, who would be recognised as the strongest banks by balance sheet in Asia Pacific? Did banks in the region deliver better results in 2017 than last year?

Join us at the AB500 Strongest Banks by Balance Sheet Briefing and Recognition Ceremony on October 17th 2017, from 6:30 AM to 7:30 AM SGT.

The event will be streamed live from the Toronto Marriott City Centre Hotel, Toronto, Canada. 

Keynote Speaker

Paul Mahady 
Chief Executive Officer and President 
MAS Finance (Market Advisory Services, Inc.)

Paul Mahady leads the broad based and comprehensive fintech business development practice across commodities, energy, and financial technology. His fintech expertise includes trading platforms, capital markets, wholesale banking, retail banking, payments and clearing. Commodities and energy expertise includes trading, transaction processing, and settlement/clearing processes and technologies. In addition, Mahady is an expert in treasury, foreign exchange, IP valuation, and wholesale banking areas such as trade finance. He has also been retained as a board advisor for growth strategies and evaluating and planning exit strategies.

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