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A dialogue with Ajit Kanagasundram

In 1989, Citibank decided to set up a regional processing hub in Southeast Asia, which was initially focused on Southeast Asian countries. By 1996, the hub started serving all of Asia; Japan and Australia were eventually added, and by late 90s, it was extended to Europe, and Latin America, covering 38 countries. 

One of the notable projects of this scale of global processing, the entire development was built and headed by Ajit Kanagasundram. Kanagasundram has shared details about his experiences with different technology implementation at Citibank in his memoirs, revealing his insights into the people processes and decisions made over the years that provide considerable lessons for generations to come. 
The pace of technology development is now rapid as banks seek integrated systems for agile, faster processing capability, and flexibility to meet the demands of new age customers at lower costs. The industry is moving towards rapid digitisation, open banking and cloud computing environment.
Join us in discussing with Kanagasundram the following:
  • Managing the challenges and critical success factors in implementation of a global project 
  • In the changing technology environment, how a mainframe continues to be a reliable transaction processing hardware and how it can be integrated with the open systems 
  • And what are the factors that heads of technology need to consider when assessing and choosing the technology that will fit their organisation.



Ajit Kanagasundram was formerly managing director, technology, Asia Pacific, at Citibank, who built the bank's global card processing capability from Singapore. He also served as a managing director at DBS Bank and at International Card Services. 



Neeti Aggarwal heads the financial technology research at The Asian Banker. With over 15 years experience in research and publication industry, she specialises in banking research, technology developments across Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa. She regularly engages the financial services community on critical transformational issues, speaking and moderating at many of The Asian Banker's as well as partner's events.


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